The Silent Majority Need a Voice

Do you ever feel like you are not being heard? . Do main stream media offer a diverse range of views, or do you find they all have a single perspective. Are your elected representatives working on the issues which are important to you?, or do you find politicians  appear to be focused on issues which are driven by activist, lobby groups or trivial scandels which ocurred 30 years ago. The old saying  “he who shouts the loudest will be heard” is an accurate term. So what happens is the silent majority who just get on with their lifes are not heard. What are the issues you want our politicians to be working on is it climate change, driven by activits and external idealogies or do you feel that drugs in society is a bigger issue, are we really interested  trivial debates in Question time on what may or may not have occurred 30 years ago, or  increased and violent crime in our local commuities, and sentances being handed out to hard core criminals which do not reflect community values or standards.

Most people (silent majority) have busy lives working, looking after kids etc and frankly do not have the time to lobby their local representatives to work on issues which we feel are important to the community – Unfortunately this needs to change and people need to take a more active role in politics apathy will not achieve anything. Politicalfixit provides the forum to achieve this by communicating with the masses, collating and collaborating to present the views to our polictical leaders.

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