“Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone. It is time to move beyond partisanship and build a stronger tomorrow.”

Fighting for What You Believe in Most

Fighting for what you believe in is important. While protesting has become a daily occurence it skews the perception of what the majority view is. This website has been developed to represent the silent majority who are not protesters, dont belong to a lobby group or activist group but just go about their daily lives each day.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

The best way to make a difference is people power and the sharing of information. we do not need to march in the streets, we do not need to get in peoples facers, we do not need to stop others from having a view, but we need to be comfortable in stating our view. Lifting people up and recognizing free-speech is a without compromising others is a fundemenatl right 

We Believe in the Future and It Starts With Believing in Our Children

With so much mis-information it has become almost impossible to understand what the real truth is, it seems that anyone these days can convince others that what they are saying is a fact. The media has changed significantly to become polictical activist who use their power only to represent their narrative. A corrupt media is a very dangerous obstacle and MUST be challenged and found out


The world has entered a very dangerous phase in politics when the main stream media and the big tech companies have significantly influenced the election of a US president who has an abundance of evidence of corruption yet has been censored from the majority

The link refers to a press conference by Biden as Vice President to the Obama Adminsitration where he clearly asks for a Ukraine prosecutor to be sacked who was investigating a Ukraine company called Burisma of which Bidens son sat on the board, before he releases 1 billion dollars of loan guarantees. What is interesting in this clip is that the media thought this was funny. Could you imaginne the response of the media had Trump done the same thing. Clear hypocrosy by the main stream media!