“Together we the people can achieve more than any single person could ever do alone. It is time to move beyond partisanship and build a stronger tomorrow.”

Fighting for What You Believe in Most

Politicalfixit provides  a voice for the silent majority to collaborate and share information to ensure that our politicians act in the best interest of it’s citizens. 

Making a Difference in People’s Lives

People power and the sharing of information is the best method of achieving change. Politicians will always act when their power is threatened, large organisations and multinationals will always act when their financial position is threatened. Change can be achieved by growing our membership base and collaborating together.

We Believe in the Future and It Starts With Believing in Our Children

There is something very wrong in the world at the moment.  Modern technology and social media have introduced new challenges to many young people. There are some very real concerns about how these items impacts childhood development. If the growth in Anxiety, depression, isolation, self harm and gender confusion are not signs that something has gone horribly wrong, then we need to re-consider the way forward for our children.