Dr ZDog MD discusses Mandating vaccines and the implications of poor messaging from politicians.

Dr ZDog MD discusses Immunity (natural and/or vaccine-induced) is the only way past COVID-19. Dr. Gandhi returns to discuss how we get there.

Have we entered a new world where the media can influence information to the masses to affect an election outcome.

Does the video below display a level of corruption between the press and Joe Biden - The video is a press conference by Biden as Vice President to the Obama Adminsitration where he clearly asks for a Ukraine prosecutor to be sacked who was investigating a Ukraine company called Burisma of which Bidens son sat on the board, before he releases 1 billion dollars of loan guarantees. What is interesting in this clip is the reaction of  the media. Could you imaginne the response of the media had Trump done the same thing. Clear hypocrosy by the main stream media!

A different Perspective on Climate Change

Watch the full documentary below

Trump - The disruptor or Saviour

Trump had a turbulent relationship with main stream media, which makes this documentary even more interesting, given it was  produced by the BBC who are  typically recognied as left leaning 

This documentary shows Trump in a different light and is the first of a 3 part documentary. It was clear that his aim was to disrupt and question the role and interfence of the large establisments, such as the United nations, NATO and WHO. He was a businees man not a politican which clearly made many other politicians a little uneasy to say the least.

Has movement of people become a real issue facing the planet

Left versus right explained!

Jordan Peterson - Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist