6 main issues of today

Political Systems and Idealogy

Our political systems particularly in the western world have been hijacked by self interest groups, extreme ideologies and big party politics. This is not the way in which our forefathers designed the political system. 

The Role Of Media/Technology

The role of the media is to report facts, investigate issues and report without political bias. Unfortunately there is clear evidence of bias, corruption and false reporting often referred to as “fake news”. The mobile phone has become a major influencer in everyday life where governments and big business have forced us to become reliant on a single device, which is not healthy. Complex and inconsistent password protocols , poor customer service systems, complex & unecassary privacy laws, all contribute to a more stressfull life in todays world

Climate Change

Is climate change real or not or is climate change a symptom of a much larger problem. While there are extreme views on both sides of the debate and the politicization of the topic has not helped there is clear middle ground which outlines a less radical approach to the percieved problem. 

Wokeness & Cancel Culture

The weaponisation and politicization of words such as racist/racism, gender identity politics, in-appropriate behaviour,  inclusion/diversity  has successfully divided people rather than bring people together. Was the killing of George Floyd racially motivated as the main stream media would have you believe, even though there was no evidence whatsoever that it was. Or was it a police brutallity issue – absolutely!.

Population Growth

We have all become familiar with the term flatten the curve since the arrival of the Coronavirus. Does population growth present the single biggest issue to humanity. Just try and grasp this statistic to fully understand the extent of this problem  In 1960 the world population was 3 billion, which has grown to 7.8 billion by 2020. Just think about that stat for a moment – it took one thousand nine hundred and sixty years for the population to reach 3 billion and just 60 years to grow 3.8 billion. So where to from here?

The Power Of Social Media

The power of social media has become a dangerous tool and a major threat to western governments around the world. Organisations such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, You Tube, Disneys, Google have bcome the major influencers of the masses and generally lean to one side of politics. Who is to say their side is correct. Political parties and large multinationals also use these tools to manipulate the views of potential voters in upcoming elections.

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Our Cause

To re-evalute western democracies with a view to returning to basics and holding governments to account.

To reduce the influence of activist, lobby groups, big tech, and main stream media

To ensure that citizens of countries have a say and influence on how their country is managed