Our Mission

We Define “The Establishment”  as organisations and people who have significant power to influence the masses, to influence the way you think and to change your behaviour and views, to make you believe that something which is not true is true, to distort what you hear and see so that it complies with their narrative, to make you feel uneasy about expressing your view, to discourage you from free speech,  because it offends a minority.  Examples are; The World Trade Forum, The United Nations, The European Union. Wall Street, Political parties, Unions, Lobby Groups,  Activist Organisations, Sporting bodies such as FIFA,  Football leagues, basketball leagues, celebrities, the very wealthy and social media. So how do we determine what is true and accurate and even more important how do we (Everyday people)  get input to the decision making processes, which will affect how lives and the lives of future generations.

Our Vision

To provide a forum to represent the silent majority, to allow the freedom to express your view without fear, to ensure that your views are heard and respected, to help determine what is true and what is not, to expose corrupt and biased media organisation,  to allow a diverse range of views and to debate to try and resolve the true and best position for all concerned not just one side, to install integrity into our political system, to expose corruption within political organisations and big business. To expose hypocrisy. Our aim is to drive change and be heard through peacefull methods by using people power. How will this work – Develop a very large membership base and to all take action simultaneously for example can all change banks at the same time and remove billions from a large orgnisation, we can stop watching a TV channel on mass because we feel they do not represent us, we can boycott a product or service on mass,  and most importantly we can agree who we will nominate at election time based on who has behaved with most integrity.


Political Systems


The political system has been hijacked by self interest groups. We believe that the Westminster system as designed by our predessers was well thought out and still holds true today. Each politician which is elected into the system by the people of that electorate MUST represent the views of their electrorate – IT IS THAT SIMPLE

World Influencers

Nato, United Nations, Corporate Business, Sporting Bodies, WTF, Lobby Groups, Activist

These organisationshave huge influencing power around the world yet are quite offten beuracratic blunderers who follow an idealogy which does not necassarily reflect the views of the people. 


Main Steam has lost it's way

Journalist and the media are supposed to invetsigate and report all aspects of life without political bias or corruption. They are supposed to report the facts and both sides of the case so that open debate can occur. Again here we believe the main stream media has lost their way and look for sensationlism and clearly have political bias if not political corruption



Power and influence are used to get others to take action; power is based on positional authority while influence is based on relationships Leaders use various sources of power to get others to act or change behavior

Power is capacity to get others to act based on positional authority that is exercised over others; Influence is the ability to modify how a person develops, behaves, or thinks based on relationships and persuasion;

People power through good communication can have significant results shifting your spending or viewing preferences on mass can put large organisations under pressure to listen


Dwight E Eisenhower

American Army General

Indira Gandhi

Indian Politician

John F Kennedy

President USA