How To Implement Change

Trying to implement change as an individual can be very difficult,  time consuming and frustrating. However what we have seen in more recent times, with protest becoming a more common ocurrence, is that if you are organised you can achieve more. It is clear that there are large numbers of people who are too busy to tackle some of the issues and feel frustrated in that their view is not being heard. By communicating, sharing experiences and collaborating together can achive far better results. Good examples of this are there are over 7,000 people  trying to return to their states through the Covid pandemic, all are being given the runaround due to the beaurocracies and incompetance of government departments. It was not until the media got wind of this that pressure was applied to get things moving quicker. 

Politicalfixit provides the forum for us to achieve change. To stop the wastage of taxpayers money, to become more transparent, to minimize bearocracy and become more efficient, to work on issues which we see as the priority, which could include the impact of drugs in the community, reducing crime by removing career criminals from the streets, helping the homeless to get off the streets, exploring why mental health issues are rising in our kids. 


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