Examining Human Behaviours

The pandemic has highlighted how people behave differently, and the way in which messaging can change or influence a persons behaviour. Some people are driven by fear and can become paranoid whereby their actions go well beyond the level of risk. Some people just do not absorb the detail of the instruction, some people will just do what they are told without question. However there is another category of human behaviour where they can rationalise, have a logical thinking mind, understand the statistics, analyse and question what they are being told. A classic example of human behaviour is the wearing of masks for example in South Australia. The rule in SA is for masks to be worn in indoor public spaces, including public transport, It has never been a requirement to be worn outside in open spaces. What is interesting is the vast majority are walking around wearing masks in outdoor open spaces –  WHY?.  We would estimate that around 75% of people who are walking around the CBD are wearing masks. Trying to work out why is a complex issue, While some will find it convenient to just keep the mask on, some will not fully understand what the actual requiremnts are, others will just be ruled by fear and emotion. The smaller percentage who do not wear masks in the open are more likely to fall into the category of those who listen to the instructions, are not ruled by fear or emotion and can rationalise and understand the risks. Not wearing a mask outside while walking around is most probably more healthy for you at the end of the day, but that vast majority of people just dont get it!

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