Have our politicans got this right ?

Do our politicans have the response to the COVID pandemic right and why is there a lack of confidence within the community as to what they are being told. Many people who are unwilling to commit to the vaccine are not anti vaxxers, so labelling them so will only increase their resolve.  So why is there a general lack of trust by many  The information coming from our politicians has been inaccurate at times and  inconsistent at best. The response or retric has often been disproportional to the risk, which creates fear and paranoia within the community.

Here are just a few  questions which need answering:

  1. It often becomes confusing when politicians tell you that they are “following expert advice”  when you can do some basic research and find that the advice varies amonst states, countries, poltical parties etc. Wearing masks is a simple example where the expert advice in March 2020 by the WHO and western worl was that they were not an effective measure against COVID-19 this has now changed to become a mandatory requirement. Given that we all knew back in March 2020 that this virus spreads through droplets in the air allows us to question the validity of the so called experts.
  2. As at the 10th September the UK has not approved to vaccinate children between the ages of 12 – 15 and scientist are not in favour ot this action. In Australia they have chosen to vaccinate this age group, this has been adopted pretty rapidly based on the Pfizer vaccine being approved by the FDA, yet the FDA HAS NOT approved the Astrazenica vaccine – can you see the inconsistencies with this messaging and why people will question some of the decisions being made.
  3. The constant messaging by politicians to  “get vaccinated” unfortunately can have the opposite effect for those who lack trust in governments. Once the general community see that politics is influencing the  messaging  generates further mistrust and lack of  confidence in what they are being told. People have some genuine concerns and questions which need to be answered before they make their decision, the best way to get compliance is to answer the questions in detail.
  4. What is the long term implications of the vaccines – the answer has to be that no-body knows 
  5. What is clear is that Immunity is the only way out of this pandemic and that means through either natural immunity as a result of catching the virus or through vaccination.
  6. What is the rationale behind vaccine passports given that people who have had the virus also have immunity, which is comparible or better than a person who has been vaccinated and to accept the science that vaccinated people can also transmit the virus – these questions need to be answere in detail 
  7. In Australia it is clear to many that State governments in particular have become rougue and placed party politics in front of the health and wellbeing of the community. This has caused many to question the inadequacies the  political sytem

So it is no wonder that many  are suspicious and lack trust in what we are being told by politicians, the above clearly identifies why they should question many of the decisions being made

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