Main Stream Bias!

Why is there a growing trend to mis-trust the main stream media. What has become quite evident is how the media influence their audience through the use of labelling or headlining to support their particular narrative. Examples of this were the Killing of George Floyd, which was immediately labelled as a “racist” act and the ensuing riots which followed labelled as “protests” The vast majority of the media ran with this story, with few offering an opposed view. The question has to be how do the media immediately label it as racist act, which de-stabilised a whole country without any evidence whatsoever.

Is this irresponsible/dangerous journalism, or was it a political ploy with an upcoming  election around the corner.

The questions that need to be asked is was this a racist act or an act of police brutality?  What is interesting is that very few media outlets actually condemed the BLM riots, in fact they almost justified them. Subsequent to this the January 6th march on the US Capital was labelled an “insurrection”, and the majority of the main stream agencies ran with this headline. In more recent times anyone who is against mandatory vaccinations for the COVID-19 virus are labelled “antivaxxers”  I think it is important that we ask the question how do the media know that over a million people who may have legitimnate concerns about the these vaccines are actually antivaxxers. It appears that anyone who supports freedom of choice are “Far Right” yet many would be left leaning or moderates.

This is why the media has lost the trust in may people

Some lesser known mdiat outlest actually reported that  George Floyd was arrested as a result of the shopkeeper making a call to police, as they suspected he was using counterfeit money. What was originally censored from the masses was his appaling criminal record of jail time and multiple previous convictions. There is no doubt that the police officer acted with excessive force but was that done on the basis of the colour of his skin – we will leave that for you to decide once presented with all the facts?

Can you recall hearing a single  positive news story on CNN about president Trump, or was you fed a constant dose of scandel, gaf’s and negative news. Now is that not a little  inconcievable that he did not do anything, which was good for the country. In contrast can you recall through the US elections hearing anything negative about Joe Biden, or was you fed a main dose of good news stories – now  doesnt that seem a little odd. 

The reality is that there was good and bad news and scandel for both but main stream media and big tech clearly censored much of the bad news on Biden.

The question here is not about whether you are pro Trump or Biden or Pro Democrat or Republican, more its about corruption & unhealthy political bias in the media and the influence of big tech which is far more concerning that who you prefer as president.

Tips for keeping a check on the media

Listen  carefully to the headline or labelling of  media stories, often used to sensationalize  an event.

In the recent protest outside the CMFEU the union indicated that many of the protesters were not union members, which was then echoed by the media. How did they determine that given there are over 300,000 members, did the union conduct a survey of the protesters to determine  who were not members. It is important to understand that the statement by the union was simply a “view” not a “fact” but when reported by the media many will assume it is a fact. The media also ran with a headline that many of the protesters are from “far Right” groups again you have to ask the question how did they determine this. Again this was a view put forward by the media has no real basis.

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