Are teachers being too precious during COVID-19?

Are teachers being too precious or is it their union which are out of touch with the rest of the community and or their members. While doctors and nurses have been puttings their health at risk,  working in a environment which could place them and their loved ones at risk it seems that teachers are being a little precious. Teachers or  rather their union have continued to state that their members are reluctant to return to work because they feel that the environment is unsafe. Lets compare the teachers environment to say a worker within a supermarket environment who is more at risk, lets look at cleaners who  are entering environments which have housed hundreds of people working around possible contaminated services daily, what about people working in public transport such as bus drivers.  I think it is fair to say that a teachers work environment is no more dangerous than any of these environments yet we have heard no complaints from any of these workers. Unions can be important if operated in a sensible non political way but it was embarrasing listening to a Union rep on talk back radio several weeks ago complaining that teachers had not been trained in cleaning methods, or that they wanted extra cleaning carried out within schools, which to our knowledge was already happening in all schools. Our view is that the teachers union have been one of the worst performers amidst this Coronavirus it would be interesting to note if they have been on full pay while not working. The questions that is important here is does  the union represent the majority of its members or is it out of line with it’s members and do teachers want to get back to work. I guess this will tell us if our teachers are as dedicated as doctors nurses, cleaners, supermarket workers or whether thet are just a bunch of prescious whinges and that is why our education results compared to many other nations has gone backwards.

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